Music For Youtube

Music For youtube and video editing

Music For YouTube And Video Editing

Looking for music for YouTube and video editing without having to worry about copyright claims and even channel strikes? We offer quality YouTube background music at affordable prices, starting at just 9 bucks! Join over 20.000 customers who had a combined 80 million views on their videos in just 2017 alone!

Our music is royalty free, meaning you just pay once to use the music for as long as desired. Our music is 100% compatible with Youtube so you can finally say goodbye to copyright claims or channel strikes. Start browsing now!

2017 Best Performing Music For YouTube

Are you planning to use our music but can’t make up your mind which track(s) perform best? Here’s some insight, a top-10 list including total views in 2017 of all video’s using these tracks. You just can’t go wrong when using one of these tracks in your next video! Total views of these 10 tracks in 2017:  50.814.762 (source:

Asset Title Link Embed Views Youtube Views Total Views
Epic Hollywood Trailer 837129 13099020 13936149
Trailer 182443 11996657 12179100
Trailer Aggressor 4055187 1768845 5824032
Intense Cinematic Trailer Music 324609 3120925 3445534
Throw Away Your Kisses 273128 2987973 3261101
Epic Rock Montage Trailer 379334 2409674 2789008
Aggressive Futuristic Rising Trailer 412732 2113401 2526133
Intense Action Trailer Chase 34865 2394552 2429417
Intense Hybrid intro 355561 2010730 2366291
Epic Hybrid Trailer 2 310851 1747146 2057997