Music For YouTube

Finding the right piece of music for YouTube can be a real pain in the behind, we all know too well. Besides finding the right track, it also can be really difficult to correctly license it. To make it easier, we use Audiojungle for our music portfolio. This makes licensing a music track as easy as it can be!

In my opinion, Music for YouTube has to check 4 boxes to make it usable for everyone; It should be of high quality, easy to license, cheap and easy to edit. My music portfolio is based on these 4 principles.

High Quality Music For YouTube

High quality means more than just sound quality. It also means it should be clear, clean, dynamic, inspiring and flexible. My music is known for this and I always write music with these factors in mind. Maybe the fact that I have a 4.89 out of 5 rating after over 24.000 sales says it all!

Easy to license music for YouTube

YouTube is very strict and unforgivable when it comes down to using music that’s not 100% yours. I think everybody has had a claim at least once and we all know it’s very hard to recover from that. My music can only be licensed through Audiojungle, which makes it very easy to prevent any copyright issues.

All my music can be licensed using 5 license types. Are you using the music for YouTube and nothing else? Then the cheapest “Standard” license is all you need. Make sure to purchase this license and you’ll never have to worry about claims again! Please note we do use Adrev, please read more about that here.

Cheap Music For YouTube

In order to make my prices as uniform as possible, my music is divided in 3 price categories for the standard license type:

Full length tracks – $29
Medium length tracks – $19
Intro Tracks – $14

For Royalty Free music tracks, this is very cheap. For example, my label tracks often are licensed for several thousands of Dollars per use. Of course there are cheaper alternatives, but is the quality as good as my music? Are you getting the same license terms and conditions?

Easy to edit music for YouTube

Most of my tracks have several different versions and cuts for easy editing. The breaks in the music are very clean and crisp without tail noise which means you can easily chop it up, stretch it and mix it. All my tracks are professionally mastered and mixed which makes mixing in vocals and effects pain free.